Christmas Gift Idea: Art Kit for Kids

Amy Taylor

With many years of blogging under my belt, I’m well accustomed to doing holiday gift guides. In fact, it was always one of my favorite posts to write, because personal shopping is perhaps the best thing ever, IMO (especially when you can do it via the internet from bed with a cup of coffee in your hand and fuzzy socks on your feet… but I digress)!

Now that I’ve got my own line of products, it is so fun to be able to help you put together the perfect Christmas gift using some of my favorite gift ideas from Nuts & Bolts. So have no fear; I’ll be spending lots of time in my fuzzy slippers pulling together ideas for you this holiday season here on the blog!

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First up is the perfect Christmas gift for that creative kid in your life. Whether you’re a mom, grandma, aunt or secret santa, here’s how you can put together a killer art kit than any crafty kid will love!

Personalized Art Kit for Crafty Kids

art book gift idea, holiday gift idea, christmas gifts for kids

Here's what you need first:

(1) of our Personalized Art Books  +  (1) of our Santa’s Gift Wrapping Bags 

    About our Personalized Art Books:

    Our Personalized Art Books come in your choice of 6 covers, complete with child’s first name. Each book is 8x8” and filled with 20 thick, blank pages that can be covered in art from their imaginative little minds over the years. The cardstock pages are thick enough that markers won't bleed through, painting is a breeze, and glue and glitter are welcome! 

    Over the years, you'll collect a treasure of artwork all in one, bound book with a protective, hard backing - so easy for busy mamas who don't have time or energy to collect random pages of art and figure out how to organize and save it! We’ve even included a spot on the inside cover to record the dates when the book was started and when it was finished – magically turning it into a lovely keepsake.

    Finish your kit with art supplies...

    Next up, you’ll want to purchase all the art supplies your recipient will love. This gift is even more cost effective if you buy for multiple kids, because you can split the supplies up between art kits!

    Here are some ideas (click the links to see my favorite items on Amazon, full disclosure: these are affiliate links):

    Grab all your goodies and place them inside your Santa Bag, and add the gift recipient’s name to the tag.

    art book gift idea, holiday gift idea, christmas gifts for kids

    Aaaaaaand....... Done!


    Click below to choose your favorite cover and order your Personalized Art Book:

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