Getting Started with Bullet Journaling

Amy Taylor

Bullet journaling has become a popular way for people to keep track of their to-do’s, habits and goals, and for many, it's taken over the traditional weekly planner. It’s really blown up as a creative trend as of late, with tons of people posting photos of their innovative layouts, spreads and ideas on Pinterest and Instagram. It is equally inspiring and intimidating!

If you're at all intrigued by this form of creative organization, we've got all the info you need to figure how to approach it and what you'll need to get started - whether you want to start slow or dive in head first!

Why Use a Bullet Journal?

  • Bullet journals are perfect for those Type-A personalities who want and need to organize all the things, but can’t find a planner that gives them exactly what they need. They are completely customizable!
  • They are also great for non type-Aers who are desperate to get their life in order. You can go as simple or hardcore as you want with it, so it works for literally everyone.
  • If you’re a creative person and love coloring, doodling and hand lettering, bullet journals give you a place to express yourself and decompress through art and organization.
  • They can be great for memory keeping! Write one thing down you want to remember each day or each week; write down funny things your kids say; write down what made you happy today.
  • They are great for tracking habits and goals. Know you need to drink more water? Exercise more regularly? Keep track of the books you have read? A bullet journal is the perfect place to jot it all down!


Bullet Journal Samples and Ideas

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Bullet Journal Options

Here’s the thing, I am a creative person; I’m also an impatient person and a perfectionist. I KNOW that if I start a bullet journal from scratch, I will end up feeling like it’s too time consuming because I will spend FOREVER searching for the perfect spread to emulate. And then I will hate how it turns out, because I’m Type-A. My gift is my curse (ha!)

Bullet Journal for Beginners

So I created the Mama Planner™ - a simple bullet journal-style planner that has the hardest work already done for you! Boxes for each day of the week are already created, along with additional spots for you to fill in as you see fit. Some are titled and some are blank so you can customize it how you like depending on your week and your needs. To-do's, a shopping list, meal planning and looking ahead to next week are already included! 

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You have your choice of 4 inside page options, one has more bullet space for creativity, the other is filled with boxes for you to begin filling.

You can also pick your cover! With 18 to choose from, there's certain to be one you like.

bullet journal, planner, weekly planner, bullet journal notebook


Bullet Journal Supplies

Once you have your bullet journal picked out, there are a whole slew of supplies you can get to accompany it. A good set of pens, a mini ruler or stencils, washi tape and a pencil case are all good ideas. Get as many or as few as you'd like - the necessities are up to you!

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