New! Baby Books just got an upgrade!

New! Baby Books just got an upgrade!

This week, we announced on our social media platforms that our Baby Books were all getting an upgrade! What's changed? Read on!

A little background...

Let me preface by saying, when I started making baby books 6 years ago, I had NO idea what I was doing. I had never bound books before, nor did I know where to find the materials and supplies to do it. 

I did, however, have a memory book that I had bought from a company that had since gone out of business. It had several features that I loved and wanted to include in my own design:

  • A chipboard backing for stability & protection
  • A see-through frosted poly cover so covers could be customized and still seen while being fully protected
  • A wire binding so it would lay flat and have room to grow

I also wanted it to reflect the handmade vibe, because it definitely was handmade - right in the basement of our condo, at the time. So I went with a heavy, uncovered kraft chipboard backing stamped with my logo, which felt sweet and handmade but still provided the stability and protection I wanted.

Over the years, I wanted to transition to something less handmade and more functional - the problem was, I couldn't find any manufacturers in the US who were making what I needed. Lots of companies overseas will make these covers for cheap, but I wanted to stay domestic for a few reasons:

  1. I have control issues, and finding something local or domestic allows me to have a better handle on the process!
  2. Being a small business, I want to continue to support small, family-owned businesses and companies
  3. I wanted to support the American economy and make sure I am paying fair wages for production (while many manufacturers overseas provide fair wages, keeping things domestic gave me greater assurance).

For all those reasons, all of our products are sourced and created in the USA.

The Big Baby Book News...

So after years of searching, I finally found a manufacturer in Ohio that is able to create our new hardcover backings for ALL of our baby books!

Nuts & Bolts Paper Co Baby Books with new matte laminate covers

Here's what's new:

  1. All Baby Book back covers are now made of extra thick chipboard covered in a matte laminate.
  2. Back covers come in 2 colors: light gray and black; the color you receive will be chosen by us and correspond with your book design.
  3. These new covers provide an extra level of protection against dirt and spills (hello, coffee & breastmilk, we see you!), because they can simply be wiped clean. 
  4. They also increase protection for the corners of your book - less crushing and bending of the pages as the days go on and you move your baby book from place to place.


Nuts & Bolts Paper Co Baby Books with new matte laminate covers

While we have always been proud of our baby books, we are so excited for this little glow up and how it increases functionality as well as quality and value!

Starting this week, all of our Nuts & Bolts Baby Books will come with these upgraded back covers. (Pregnancy journals and other memory books will continue to come with our original uncovered hardbacks)

And of course, every Nuts & Bolts Baby Books will continue to arrive safely tucked away in a cotton keepsake bag - made just north of us in Longmont, Colorado!

Now that we’ve found this new vendor, the possibilities are so much greater! We can’t wait to keep designing books that help you capture and preserve your family’s memories and history. 


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