20 Summer Journaling Ideas for Kids

20 Summer Journaling Ideas for Kids

Summer is all about making memories; from taking trips, to spending long days at the pool, to late night movie and game nights, there are plenty of special moments you’ll want to remember.

Often, as parents, we capture these memories in photos and videos (most likely buried on our phones and never seen again) or maybe that end-of-the-year photo book we throw together on Shutterfly. But what about capturing all these special moments from your child’s point of view? Often times, they remember things in a completely different light!

Encouraging kids to journal throughout the summer will help you preserve these memories in a whole new way. We have lots of products to help – notebooks personalized with your child’s name and filled with lined or blank pages (your choice), and Kid’s Storybooks, with room for writing and illustration on each page.

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To keep it exciting for them, try giving them prompts to fill their journal with (as opposed to just “write about what we did today”). Asking them to journal answers to certain questions can keep the process fun and encourage creative writing.


 20 Summer Journaling Ideas for Kids

Here are some ideas on prompts to give your kid’s as they work on filling their journals with summer memories, dreams, and thoughts:

  1. What do you hope to do this summer?
  2. What was your favorite thing we did outside this week?
  3. What is the best movie we’ve watched this summer?
  4. If you could travel anywhere in the world this summer, where would you go?
  5. Of all the places we’ve visited this summer (you may have to give them a list as a reminder), which would you want to return to again most?
  6. What is your favorite summer tradition that our family has?
  7. Choose 3 words to describe your summer so far and explain why you chose them.
  8. How should we celebrate the end of summer?
  9. What was your favorite late night activity that we did this summer?
  10. What was your favorite part of 4th of July?
  11. What’s your favorite thing to do when it’s too hot to be outside in the summer?
  12. How many times did you swim this summer? Write about your favorite time/place you swam.
  13. Pick one thing we did on one of our summer trips that you want to remember forever.
  14. Would you rather travel by plane, car, train or boat and why?
  15. What is one new thing you want to learn to do this summer?
  16. If you were a tour guide for our city, where would you take people? Is there any new place we haven’t been that you’d like to visit?
  17. If you were in the Summer Olympics, what sport would you do?
  18. If we took a summer picnic and you got to plan the menu, what would you put on it?
  19. Take a walk around the block and gather 5 things. Come back and write a story using those 5 objects.
  20. If we visited a summer fair, what 5 things would you want to do? (If you attended a fair, write about your 5 favorite things you did)


Download a Free List of 20 Summer Journaling Ideas for Kids:

 printable summer journaling ideas for kids

D O W N L O A D   T H I S   L I S T  ]


When summer ends, you’ll have a journal full of stories, opinions, drawings and ideas from your favorite kids! And since it’s already bound, it’s in a format you can keep for years to come. You might even tuck it away inside a wooden keepsake box so you’ll always know where to find it!


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